Tiki Island Radio Network & Tiki Island Publishing  06/2011 – 11/2018

Founder, Social Media Manager & Community Curator / On Air Talent

In 2012 I launched Tiki Island Radio with a purposely tacky "Gilligans Island" themed tropical website. I formed a broadcast marketing relationship with Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville organization and started hosting live remotes for some of Jimmy's up and coming artist on his Mailboat Records label.  I also hosted live on location remotes for Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville Parrothead Fan Club organization promoting civic awareness and raising money for charities throughout the United States.

I designed and led a new generation network radio station project and publishing enterprise (Tiki Island Radio Network & Tiki Island Publishing) from the ground-up, resulting in a one million member reach in 42 countries, (with seven owned satellite radio stations), through social media engagement with an operational understanding of how to make effective posts across the major social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube).

I've run paid social campaigns with an understanding of the metrics of success and tools for tracking those metrics.

Created content that promoted audience interaction, increased audience presence on company sites, mobile apps, social media channels and encouraged audience participation.

Created promotional images that could be used on social media and in emails to promote shows.

Grew advertising sales and audience listener-ship by building engagement and traffic to our websites, social media channels and mobile listening apps.

Represented Tiki Island Radio & Tiki Island Publishing professionally to diverse audiences.

Responsible for website analytics backed by ROI and other key analytics to ensure ongoing product iteration, evolution and ongoing development.

Developed social media broadcast calendar to improve roll out of more frequent entertainment and advertising content to websites and social media channels.

Provided a flexible, creative approach to planned and spontaneous ideas to facilitate real time social content where appropriate.

Captured (or recruit crew to capture) live videos and photos from shows and then distribute those to various social media channels.

Implemented strategic development and packaging of new and existing digital ad products to create compelling stories & opportunities for national brand advertisers.

Managed a team of online radio station DJ's to implement social media campaigns using best practices.

Made strategic recommendations to drive engagement, impressions, awareness, thought leadership, lead generation/nurturing and lead conversions.

Participated and lead many complex projects for social initiatives including rebuilding guidelines, re-branding of content, and process implementation.

Developed social media marketing strategies for clients in accordance with the client's objectives and budgets through our streaming ad delivery network with Geo-targetable audiences by country code, IP number, DMA or device-type which included: Desktop & Mobile, Facebook Integration, Twitter Integration, A/V Mid Roll Inserts, Ad Replacement Insertion, Multiple Banner Ad Slots, Geo-Fencing, Geo-Restriction, Geo Targeting, iOS and Android Apps, Google Player and Tunein, Player Skin Takeover, and Pre-Roll Audio/Video/Banners.

On Air Talent Experience:

I've hosted approximately two thousand live on air performances and logged more than six thousand live hours on the air while entertaining 22k listeners in 40 – 45 countries.

Five years of touring with Tiki Island Radio in conjunction with Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville Parrothead Organization hosting live concert broadcast including three years of extended national tours 3-6 months long.

Scheduled and selected program content, conducted guest interviews with hi profile celebrities including gold and mega platinum recording artist, recording commercials and hosting live performances to drive visitor traffic to concert venues, fundraisers and social media sites.

I have entertained audiences, promoted sponsors, hosted civic, charitable, and promotional events, and have created and implemented custom marketing campaigns for listener acquisition and new business development.

I've created, produced and announced topics on the radio, including music, entertainment, news, weather, sports, and other topics of interest.

Established relationships with listeners world wide by providing entertainment and/or information of interest consistent with the format and genre.

I've interviewed guests including Gold and Mega Platinum stars, conversed with callers, and hosted numerous live events and fundraisers.

Have demonstrated an upbeat personality. Informative, entertaining and engaging on the air while pleasant and charismatic with a well-controlled voice and excellent pronunciation.

A very well documented and demonstrated creative imagination on the air and in social media. Excellent verbal and written communication and editing skills with the ability to make others feel comfortable and open up on the air.

Contribute ideas for online presentation of on-air programs and work with the network to create and maintain a long-term editorial and promotional calendar for all the station's websites.

Able to maintain composure when faced with difficult situations and personalities.

Have always worked well in a collaborative team environment.

Skilled in the operation of variety of software programs and productivity tools. 


Canva, Pic Monkey, Radio Station Automation Software DRS 2006, Radio Playstation Automation, Radio Playstation Creator, SSI / Cirrus Encoder, Edcast Encoder, Recording Software, Ableton Live Lite 4, Audacity, Mixing Software Pro Shop, Graphics Software, Adobe, Photoshop, Paint Shop, Illustrator, Video, Sony Vegas, UStream Video,  Microsoft, Word, Office, Libre Office 4.2, Powerpoint, Create Space Publishing, Homestead Intuit Website Editor, Widget Box, Calendar Wiz, Banner, Wordpress, Selz Digital, Big Commerce, Rate Point, Cloud, Dropbox, Firewalls, Avast Antivirus, Teamviewer Remote Access, Pea Zip, McAfee, Acrobat, Smart Defrag, CC Cleaner, Spybot Search and Destroy, I/O Bit Uninstaller, Advance System Care.

Computer Hardware:

          Desktop, laptop, iPad, Kindle, Scanner, Printers, Fax, Backup Drives, Backup Power, Surge Protection, CAT5, Ports, Gateways, Routers, WiFi Routers, iRig, Sound Cards, RAM Cards, Graphics Cards, USB Interfaces / Adapters, SD Cards, Web Cams, Firewire interface, Flat Screens, Smart TV.

    Studio & Stage:

           Behringer Mixing Boards, Behringer Compressors, Netgear GS 108 Prosafe Port Gigabit Switch, A Multitude of Microphones / Condenser Mics, Dynamic Mics, USB Mics, Stereo Mics, Wireless Mics, Microphone Mounts, Clips, Shock Mounts, Isolation Mounts, Windscreens, Headphone Amps, Headphones, Cables, Cable Adaptors, Cable Connectors, Studio Speakers, Monitors, Amplifiers, Stage Equipment, P.A. Systems.