John Buskell

Welcome To My Entertainment Bio,

My apologies if this bio seems a little super inflated. I don't have an ego. It's just that some people in the entertainment industry prefer "over the top pizazz", so I'm just leaving it the way it is for now.

In 2012 I launched Tiki Island Radio with a purposely tacky "Gilligans Island" themed tropical website. I formed a broadcast marketing relationship with Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville organization and started hosting live remotes for some of Jimmy's up and coming artist on his Mailboat Records label.  I also hosted live on location remotes for Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville Parrothead Fan Club organization promoting civic awareness and raising money for charities throughout the United States.

My tour photos can be found here:


Seven years ago he hit the airwaves with Tiki Island Radio and took the world by storm......literally in 42 countries. His name is Johnny B.

He came from way far south of somewhere north, armed with The Spirit of Aloha, phenominal programming skills, sheer on air talent and true grit determination to make the world a better place to live. Johnny captured the hearts of thousands of listeners in the U.S. and around the globe while spinning an eclectic blend of beach music and interjecting his message of "lending a hand to lift a heart through The Spirit of Aloha" with a heavy emphasis on social media community engagement.

After 10K hours on the air, extensive road tours (with public and corporate funding) hosting shows for Jimmy Buffets Margaritaville Parrothead Fan Clubs as well as other fundraising events throughout the southeastern U.S., Johnny now has his eye on the horizon for  opportunity.

Johnny B. is no stranger to the world of entertainment. Growing up in the household of the late Blaze Starr (Johnny's Aunt, The Queen of Burlesque) as featured in the movie Blaze, starring Paul Newman, Johnny was introduced to celebrities at an early age. From Barbara Walters and Maria Shriver to the cast and crew of the movie Blaze. He's quite as ease during interviews with mega platinum artist like Shaggy & Ravon as well as the members of Jimmy Buffet's Coral Reefer Band, including Grammy Nominated Artist Nadirah Shakoor. Johnny's on air antics with his "Weekend Watch Advisory" (work pressure dropping, beer pressure rising) drew the attention of Jim Cantore at The Weather Channel. Jim would call in and The Weather Channel would tune in. Johnny's professional broadcasting peers have have called him "the master of theater of the mind..... He can take you to a virtual Cheers on Gilligans Island."

While his heart is at the beach, his roots are deep in the appalachian mountains of West Virgina. Johnny cut his teeth on country music while growing up listening to recordings of his second cousin, the legendary bluegrass gospel singer Molly O'Day, considered by many to be the greatest female country singer of her time. Johnny can take country to the beach at the drop of a hat. If he can spin it, he''ll weave a story to fit it.

As a jack of all trades around a radio station with a will to survive in the entertainment industry, Johnny has sucessfully implemented and executed promotional campaigns for Bahama Rum Fest, Cockspur Rum, Panama Red Rum, Papa Pillars Rum, Pirates Grog Rum, Bentleys Boutique Hotels, Dennison Yacht Sales, One Love Cat Caribbean Charters, Zero to Cruising Charters, travel agencies and numerous small businesses. 

Johnny's off the cuff and unscripted style of radio combined with his his message to the world of "lending a hand to lift a heart with The Spirit of Aloha" as a messenger on the wind and Goodwill Ambassador for the people of the Pacific catapulted him to celebrity status with listeners on the U.S East Coast and around the globe. He tells his audience "if you want polished radio with news, sports and weather you know where to find it, you won't find it here. We're pumping this signal through coconut fiber wire from a tiki bar on a beach. If you want to hang out, have fun, feel good, this is the place to be."........and his listeners loved him.

Johnny's incredible ability to adapt to character roles allows him to be any character you need him to be on the air, at a live venue or in social media campaigns. From the old hippie broadcaster in the South Pacific at a tiki bar, to Larry King serious in the studio, Johnny B. can play the roll. 

"A life of peace, purity, and refinement leads to a calm and untroubled old age."

Selective Business Qualifications

Self employed 10 years.

Owned three companies. Real estate settlement services, publishing company and a broadcast entertainment company with seven radio stations and staff throughout the United States.

BNI Member.

Attended local and national chamber functions.

Attended various networking functions.

Attended conventions.

Raised money for charities throughout the United States.

Volunteered to read for “Radio Eye” (an audio information service for people who are visually impaired).

Worked with sponsors.

Met with executive level decision makers at financial institutions.

Met with local small business owners nationwide.

Met with Governors, Mayors and various politicians.

Met with hi profile entertainment industry executives.

Interviewed hi profile celebrities.

Sold advertising nationwide.

Wrote ad copy for radio commercials and social media ads.

Implemented marketing campaigns for businesses.

Law firm, title companies, realtors, liquor companies and radio stations.

I held a Maryland Title Insurance Producers License and attended quarterly continuing legal education classes pertaining to real estate title and fraud.
I assisted in managing 40 processors at Advantage Title.

I managed 6 marketing reps at my Advantage Title satellite office.

I travelled the country for Advantage Title meeting with executive level decision makers to obtain title order pipelines.

I managed my clients.

I managed closers.

I worked directly with underwriters.

I was authorized to carry blank checks tied to our 17 million dollar escrow account.

I conducted hundreds of settlements for a variety of clients including Senators, Congressman and Secret Service Personnel throughout the Washington DC area.

I managed my own companies.

I managed seven radio stations.

I toured throughout the United States in broadcasting.

I managed DJ’s, road crew, tour personnel.

I produced radio and television shows (see video tab link at my online profile).

I’ve spent most of my career opening doors and creating relationships.

You have to nurture relationships along and help your clients grow their business.
 Relationship, retention, referral.

I’ve worked in collaborative team environments.

I’ve worked in fast paced and extreme pressure environments in entertainment production.